Holistic Corporate Packages

Has employees absense risen in the last few years ?

According to the Health and safety Executive 2009/2010.
Stress and muscular skeletal pain are in the top 5 causes of absenteeism from work.
13.5 million work days lost to stress related illnesses.
Strategies can be put into place to reduce stress and muscular skeletal pain in your workplace

Reduce stress in your workplace today

welcomes you to our holistic programme

We are specialists in the provision of flexible and affordable
stress and wellbeing solutions to both
corporate and private employers and community projects


Corporate Treatments available

 Seated Acupressure   Shiatsu     Acupuncture (at Clinic only)

            Aromatherapy / Swedish 

   Indian Head Massage   Reflexology   

Treatments last 20 minutes or 30 minutes (this includes mini consultation)
Bookings can be made for full or half days
 Tailored packages

Price are per holistic therapist
(contact direct for consultation)
Prices may vary
Mileage may also apply

Potential work benefits:

Helps to decrease employee absense

Reduces stress and tension

Increases alertness and energy levels

Encourages staff loyalty

                                                                  Anxiety and stress management scheme

Reduce stress in your workplace today !